• INTERREG IIIC/ZONE SUB – Pagus – Urban Mobility and Accessibility, Component 4 – Project A: Communications and New Technology

    • Increasing competitiveness through business networks and the use of information technology

    • Information Systems acceptance and use and their effects on management and firm performance

    • Health Information Systems: Investigating Electronic Medical Records usage intention

    • "Thales” research project: Investigation of the environmental factors effects on organic materials constituting the natural and cultural heritage.

      This project investigates the accelerated and natural ageing of five organic materials, among them of paper. It entails the exposure of paper samples to real museum environments which are continuously monitored, the accelerated ageing of the paper samples and the statistical investigation of the correlation between the various factors affecting ageing as determined by the natural ageing experiment.

    • "Archimedes III” research project: Oil paintings on paper support: documentation of the preservation state using multispectral imaging and chemical analysis.

      An innovative non destructive method for the determination of the volatile products of ageing has been used: accelerated ageing took place in sealed vials, and the volatiles were collected by headspace-solid-phase microextraction (HS-SPME) needle. The same technique has been used to collect nondestructively the vocs emitted by the paper support of original works of art. 

    • "Digital Convergence" Operational Programme: TEI-A Library: Development of Digital Services.

    • Development of an integrated information environment for assessment and documentation of conservation interventions to cultural works/objects with Non-Destructive Techniques (DOC-CULTURE)

      The proposed research aims at exploring the problems inhibiting in the damage detection and conservation interventions assessment of cultural artifacts through the use of NDTs (Non Destructive Testing Techniques). The concept of the project is to develop an Integrated Information Environment (IIE), through the interdisciplinary collaboration in three different research fields which will cover: firstly the research on decay and conservation – restoration interventions assessment, secondly, the research in the digital elaboration analysis and thirdly the research on documentation of cultural artifacts, by means of NDTs. Currently, different teams of researchers, material and electronic engineers, conservators, etc. use NDTs in a non-standardized way, and they are consequently unable to exchange data and knowledge. Cultural artifacts go under multiple conservation interventions through time, however, the records of these interventions cannot be easily retrieved because they are either not stored at all or not stored in a standardized way. The proposed approach is innovative aiming precisely at solving this systemic weakness by creating the standards and the environment which will significantly increase the efficiency of research. This will be achieved through the contribution of information scientists who will introduce the use of open standards for the description of NDTs and their process.

    • Providing Consultancy services to the Greek Ministry of Education in the evaluation process of regulated organizations

    • CrossCult: Empowering reuse of digital cultural heritage in context-aware crosscuts of European history

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