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    1 Beyond preservation: investigating the role of archivist Vasilakaki, Eugenia; Moniarou-Papakonstantinou, V. 2017 Uncategorized --
    2 Assessing library anxiety in undergraduate students using the Greek Library Anxiety Scale (G-LAS) Doris, K. A.; Provata, P. A.; Vraimaki, Eftichia 2017 Uncategorized --
    3 The Use of Ontologies for Creating Semantic Links between Cultural Artifacts and Their Digital Resources Kyriaki-Manessi, Daphne; Vasilakaki, Eugenia; Triantafylloy, Ioannis; Giannakopoulos, Georgios 2017 Uncategorized --
    4 Employing Twitter hashtags and linked data to suggest trending resources in a digital library Kyprianos, Konstantinos; Papadakis, I.; Karalis, A.; Douligeris, C. 2017 Uncategorized --
    5 Factors affecting knowledge creation in academic libraries Koloniari, M.; Vraimaki, Eftichia; Fassoulis, 2016 Uncategorized --
    6 New trends in higher education: can information professionals rise to the challenge? Vasilakaki, Eugenia 2016 Uncategorized --
    7 Knowing your users, discovering your library: an overview of the characteristics of user generations Vasilakaki, Eugenia 2016 Uncategorized --
    8 How public library users perceive information professionals: is the image transforming? Vasilakaki, Eugenia; Moniarou-Papakonstantinou, V. 2016 Uncategorized --
    9 HEAL-link – Advances Services for Hellenic Academic Libraries Kouis, Dimitris; Koutsileou, S.; Anastasopoulou, C.; Efthymiou, F.; Kokkinos, Dionissis; Mitrou, N. 2016 Uncategorized --
    10 The effect of oil binders on paper supports via VOC analysis Banou, P.; Alexopoulou, A.; Chranioti, C.; Tsimogiannis, D.; Terlixi, A-V; Zervos, Spiros; BW, Singer 2016 Uncategorized --
    11 Paper conservation methods: An international survey Alexopoulou, I; Zervos, Spiros 2016 Uncategorized --
    12 Highlighting timely information in libraries through social and semantic web technologies Papadakis, I.; Kyprianos, Konstantinos; Karalis, A. 2016 Uncategorized --
    13 Oil media on paper: Investigating the effect of oil mediums on paper supports of works of art Banou, P.; Alexopoulou, A.; Kaminari, A.; Zervos, Spiros; Singer, BW 2015 Uncategorized --
    14 Standardizing NDT& E Techniques and Conservation Metadata for Cultural Artefacts Kouis, Dimitris; Vasilakaki, Eugenia; Cheilakou, E.; Sakkopoulos, E.; Saint, AC; Viennas, E.; Pikoulis, E-V; Nodarakis, N.; Zervos, Spiros; Giannakopoulos, Georgios; Kyriaki-Manessi, Daphne; Tsakalidis, A.; Koui, M.; Achilleopoulos, N. 2015 Data & Metadata Management, Conservation documentation --
    15 Linked Data URIs and Libraries: The Story So Far Papadakis, I.; Kyprianos, Konstantinos; Stefanidakis, M. 2015 Uncategorized --
    16 A physicochemical approach to the investigation of the condition of oil paintings on paper supports Alexopoulou, A.; Singer, B.; Banou, P.; Zervos, Spiros; Kaminari, A.; A., Moutsatsou; Terlixi, A.; Tziamourani, E.; Karabotsos, A.; Doulgeridis, M. 2015 Uncategorized --
    17 DSpace and customized controlled vocabularies C., Skourlas; A., Tsolakidis; P., Kakoulidis; Giannakopoulos, Georgios 2015 Uncategorized --
    18 The use of grounded theory in identifying the user experience of search Vasilakaki, Eugenia; Johnson, F. 2015 Uncategorized --
    19 CIDOC-CRM extensions for conservation processes: A methodological approach Vasilakaki, Eugenia; Zervos, Spiros; Giannakopoulos, Georgios 2015 Data & Metadata Management, Conservation documentation, Metadata - Ontologies - Linked data - Semantic web --
    20 Paper conservation methods: a literature review Zervos, Spiros; I., Alexopoulou 2015 Uncategorized --
    21 An Approach for the Incremental Export of Relational Databases into RDF Graphs Konstantinou, N.; Spanos, D.; Kouis, Dimitris; Mitrou, N. 2015 Uncategorized --
    22 An exploration of users' needs for multilingual information retrieval and access Vasilakaki, Eugenia; Garoufallou, E.; Johnson, F.; Hartley, R. J. 2015 Uncategorized --
    23 Organization of the concepts of the Platonic dialogue Parmenides into a software ontology Dendrinos, Markos 2014 Uncategorized --
    24 Similarity extraction mechanism concerning historical personalities based on SQL queries in an RDBMS environment Dendrinos, Markos; Barouchou, Alexandra 2014 Uncategorized --
    25 Significance of clustering and classification applications in digital and physical libraries Triantafylloy, Ioannis; Koulouris, Alexandros; Zervos, Spiros; Dendrinos, Markos; Giannakopoulos, Georgios; Kyriaki-Manessi, Daphne 2014 Uncategorized --
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